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First week of school is over and done. We are getting back into the swing of things easier this year. Jacob says he hasn't made up his mind yet whether Ms Krell is cool or not. But I know he's not thrilled about not being able to read books from home. Oh well.

My dad died 12 years ago tomorrow. I miss him both more and less... isn't that odd? I'm no longer in the habit of thinking of him as alive recently, and he's been gone for 1/3 of my life. I hate that his anniversary always gets swallowed up in the 9-11 stuff...

I'm hitting September with a lot less of my usual seasonal depression. There are still some tough anniversaries this time of year, but I'm doing pretty good. A general sadness around the tough days, and a light feeling of laziness and lethargy that is partly due to the heat. I figure there are a few reasons for the better year. No relatives from out of town, for one. The expansion of our chosen Family helps a lot, too. I'm feeling strong and healthy this year.

I'm looking forward to the wedding next month. I ordered D's dress but they sent the wrong one, so I am now waiting for the correct dress to show up. She says that Jacob should be in the wedding too, but that he needs a "taquito" to wear to it... She also says that when she has Germans on her hands, she needs to wash them. Damn those Germans! Hahah. I'm arting a bit, which is great. I finished Jenn and Lauran's thank yous, and I'm doing some art for a show right before their wedding.

I'm also trying to find new work. Ideally, I could quit working alltogether and just make and sell art, but the kids need to be fed...


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