Sep. 2nd, 2011

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Phoo. I'm always saying I will write more. Then I write really well for about 3 entries, and then I ignore my journal for several weeks.

So today, you get bullet points.

-Jacob starts 3rd grade on Tuesday. He's in a mixed 3rd/4th class and Sammy and Jackson are in class with him. Soccer started on Tuesday.

-Lil D is officially potty trained *happy dance*! We are approaching functional human :)

-Pirate Fest is tomorrow. After slaving for weeks on J's "link" costume, he doesn't want to wear it anymore. I think I might make him walk the plank on this one. Chris can follow him into the drink, for being the wise-ass who suggested that Jacob would make a good Link. D has a sparkle pink satin dress with about eleventy-billion yards of pink and purple tulle in the skirt. She is thrilled with it!

-Daphne will be Jenn's flower girl, and I think she will be adorable. Her dress has a burgundy bodice and a white tulle skirt with burgundry ribbon at the bottom. Jenn and I spent a day a few weeks ago ordering cake stuff, which is currently in residence at Jenn's house. And I finished her "thank you" cards, so now I can focus on some Christmas-ey stuff for if I do any shows this year.

-Work has been going through a cycle of pushing credit apps that has almost all of us ready to quit. I've actually put in an application at Craft Warehouse, which I think would be a good fit for me. I'd really like to get back with creative people.

-Everything is going swimmingly with Chris and me and Jason and Wendy. We are hoping to take some group vacations together next summer, and we usually see each other once or twice a week. When they were gone all last week, they were out of cell service range and I really missed them both.

-I'm headed into September, which is usually a bad month for my depression. But I'm feeling better and stronger than I have in years past, and I am taking vitamin D, which seems to be improving my mood all around. I'm at the odd time where Jacob is starting school, so I know I will miss him terribly, but I am also craving my alone time, which I do not get a whole lot of when both kids are around. I am looking forward to when Daphne starts school and I can move into working days and be home with my family in the evening.


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