Sep. 4th, 2011

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There is a drone of a motor in the distant background. It's one of those lovely, long, lazy summer days where all I want is a tumbler of iced tea and a really long novely to read in the sun.

I have a craft show planned for a month and a half from now, which means I really should be making things and generally getting ready to sell, but I'm feeling too lazy for it right now. I'm sunburned from Pirate Fest yesterday - not sunburned enough to be really uncomfortable. Just enough to feel a little prickly and itchy.

Our big excitement was losing Daphne in the crowd. Chris had stopped to buy a hat and everyone thought D was with someone else. When I finally realized she was nowhere near, she was really and truly gone. It was terrifying. The men wandered the fair looking for her, and I kind of walked around helpless and dazed hoping she would magically show up. I stopped an event staff person who was driving a golf cart around and he said she was found and at the info tent at the main entrance. Relief flooded over me. I picked up my baby girl in her bright pink princess dress and held her and cried and she cried. Someone spoke into a walkie-talkie "mom's been found" and I just held my girl. Jason showed up next and held us both... then Chris and Wendy and the big kids. I was once again surrounded by my family; everyone was safe and whole, and I could breathe again. We queued up for shaved ice; the crisis was adverted. But I still felt shaky, and I leaned on Jacob for support. Chris held one arm and Jason held the other. I was surrounded by my men, and that helped. Wendy and Ayla stood in front of us, and Daphne clung to Daddy's hand. It was like if we all remained in physical contact, no one would be lost ever again.

I wonder at the simplicity of it all. We gathered around after the Festival for carry-away pizza and Wendy's home made peach cobbler. The kids played in the water and played the wii while the grownups played Scrabble on our smartphones and watched the sun set through the haze from the mountain fires. Ayla crashed, hard, on our couch - as she is wont to do, and my kids asked for one more night in the tent before we tore it down for the summer. They settled in, full of pizza and ice cream, and we said quietly lingering goodbyes, all of us tired and more than a little sun-drunk.

Today, I washed Jacob's green back pack and hung it on the line. The office smells of the forest fire on the mountain and hot grass and sun baked blackberries. And, it smells like freshly sharpened pencils and new crayons, those items laying in wait for the back pack to dry. This year, I'm sending my little man into the 3rd grade. He'll be in with 4th graders; it's a split class this year, due to the decline in enrollment in our area. I wonder which families will be gone this year. Which friends are missing, which ones are still here? Jacob will be in with Sammy this year, I know that for certain. Tomorrow is the last day of summer, and a chance to spend time with other family - Jenn and Lauran - before the craziness of the school year starts. For 9 months, my son will belong to another woman, Ms. Krell, and I will have to get reacquainted with him on weekends and when June rolls around again, he will be another person again, his mind opened up to newer and bigger worlds.

I love the months in between school years, when my kids are my own, and I am still steering their adventures.

My ducklings are growing up, wandering off, and testing their wings.

It's been a good summer.


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